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At present most of the steel wire hoses for customers conveying plastic particles

2022-05-17 管理员 Read 2081

At present, most of the steel wire hoses for customers conveying plastic particles are made of PVC material and PU material. Many customers do not know the difference between the two. I don't know whether to choose PU steel wire hose or PVC steel wire pipe. PVC is a polyvinyl chloride, a general-purpose plastic containing chlorine atoms and is slightly toxic. It has a pungent taste after burning. You can make a lot of products that you can see on the market. It tends to be eliminated now. PU is polyurethane, and now many women's bags, clothes, sponges, and artificial leather are all. It is safer to use. It now tends to expand. At present, most of the brand's plastics industry equipment manufacturers and end users will choose to use PU steel wire hoses. The difference between PVC and PU raw materials is actually very simple.

The elasticity of PVC is worse than that of PU, and the recovery after stretching is verified, and the two can be discriminated and compared. PVC adds some other substances, so it is slippery; PU is more sticky and more flexible.
PVC is easy to harden and become brittle when it is cold. If it is PU, its flexibility is better, it will not harden and become brittle.
Burning test, PVC will emit green smoke, PU is only black smoke; PU taste is much lighter than PVC
From the edge of the PU steel hose, the base fabric of the PU is generally napped, relatively thick, and soft to the touch; while the base fabric of the PVC is thin and hard to handle.

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