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PVC plastic reinforced hose is a kind of all-plastic hose

2022-05-17 管理员 Read 2185

PVC plastic reinforced hose is a kind of all-plastic hose which is made of soft PVC and strengthened with rigid PVC skeleton. There are two kinds of PVC plastic tube pipes commonly used in the market, one is a circular skeleton reinforced, and the other is a square skeleton reinforced tube. So what is the difference between the two structural hoses.
PVC round bone plastic hose

PVC gray square bone plastic reinforcement hose

In essence, the material used in PVC plastic reinforced hoses is exactly the same. The only difference lies in the process, the round-boned hose, which is coated on the skeleton during production, meaning pure hard. The skeleton is covered with a soft tube wall; the square-reinforced hose is made of a hard square skeleton directly attached to the tube wall during production, so the two are actually only technical differences.
Red PVC round rib hose

In summary, in essence, the round bone and the square bone reinforcement are not much different, and have no effect on the customer's use. Whether the round bone or the square bone raw material is unchanged, the same material is used for production. The difference is that the production process is different and the equipment is different. The square bone reinforcement was originally copied from the Donggu hose of Korea, and the round bone reinforcement is a style that has been produced in China.
PVC square bone plastic hose

Since the PVC plastic reinforced hose is only a technical difference, then the customer should pay more attention to whether it has any influence during use. For the conveying material, the two have no effect. Both products are surface spiral skeletons, and the inner wall is smooth. The square skeleton has stricter requirements on the process. If the temperature is not adjusted during production, it is easy to cause the skeleton to break, and if it is used in a cold weather, the square skeleton is more likely to become brittle and fracture, so there is no requirement for the appearance. The advantage of the round bone is better than the square bone. Of course, this is only the problem caused by the products produced under the condition that the process is not refined. The service life of the qualified square bone hose and the round bone hose is the same.

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